Hello All,
We are trying to automate the application under test which is developed in Zebra UI Canvas. We have bottleneck here
1) We tried using the Selenium, automation tool, and the tool requires all the elements designed in the application, to be identified in DOM, so that tool get the properties of all the elements in the application.
Unfortunately, the elements designed in Zebra Canvas, we are unable to get the handlers of all the elements as everything is embedded in Canvas, and we are only getting the Canvas, which is not helping us to move further. 
So is there any possibility that we can automate the application which is developed in Zebra UI Canvas
2) We tried using TestComplete Automation tool, and tried using record and play option, and here also we could not succeed and when we performed the record and play, we got the details as Canvas Coordinates, which is not helpful, as those coordinates may change during later part…
So request to help us how to automate and get the elements properties, so that the automation tools can read the elements in the canvas
thanks and regards
yegireddi srinivas

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