I’m trying to add a button to a CompList or grid and am having issues with not being able to click on the buttons. I’ve tried the two following approaches
This is using a grid and then creating buttons as needed in a custom ViewProvider
            var grid = new zebra.ui.grid.Grid([
                [“Text Cell”, true, “Text cell”],
                [“Text Cell”, false, “Text cell”],
                [“Text Cell”, true, “Text cell”],
                [“Text Cell”, false, “Text cell”],
                [“Text Cell”, true, “Text cell”]
            grid.setViewProvider(new zebra.ui.grid.DefViews([
                function getView(target, row,  col,  obj) {
                    if(col == 0)
                        return new zebra.ui.CompRender(new zebra.ui.Label(obj));
                        return new zebra.ui.CompRender(new zebra.ui.Button(“Up”));
The other method adds a panel to a CompList the panel contains a label and buttons
            var list =  new zebra.ui.CompList();
            panel.add(85, new zebra.ui.ScrollPan(list, zebra.layout.VERTICAL));
            var labels = [“hello”, “good bye”, “hi”];
            for(var i=0; i<labels.length; i++) {
                var panel = new zebra.ui.Panel();
                panel.mousePressed = function(e)  { console.log(“Panel mouse”); };
                panel.setLayout(new zebra.layout.PercentLayout(zebra.layout.HORIZONTAL, 2, true));
                panel.add(50, new zebra.ui.Label(labels[i]));
                var moveup = new zebra.ui.Button(“\u2B06″);
                moveup.mousePressed = function(e)  { console.log(“Up mouse”); };
                panel.add(50, moveup);
                moveup.bind(function (src) {
In both cases the button events do not fire, the hover state is also not triggered on the buttons.
So my question is, is it possible to click a button in a CompList embedded in a ScrollPan?
Any help is much appreciated.

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