I am unable to interact with any components of Zebkit on Windows 10. 
Button clicks, text inputs, or any events at all simply do nothing at all.
This is true for both pages I create on my local server, as well as the demos and examples on Zebkit.com
This effects Chrome, Firefox and Edge, however IE11 works as expected.
My machine is a Lenove Thinkpad with no tuuch support.
Thanks for any advice.
Allan Irvine

  1. Update: For some reason all browsers except IE11 pass the isTouchable test on this hardware, even though there is no touchscreen. Manually setting this to false allows mouse/keyboard interaction.My concern is that this is pretty common hardware (Lenovo T440) and I would like for my app to be usable on touch devices, so I don't want to ship with this flag set to false.

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Staff May 20, 2017

New version of zebra – zebkit – has just appeared on GITHUB. Actually this the next generation of zebra that should be considered as a next step in understanding and development. The latest version doesn’t analyze the flag it is just supports all input (touch, mouse) events under common api. I suggest to switch to the next gen, nevertheless it is not backward compatible with zebra. 


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