First of all, let me congratulate the authors for an excellent library. Coming from experience with java desktop app development, this makes designing UI running in the browser much more approachable. 
I’ve a question on Interfaces.The “Easy OOP Tutorial” shows an interface is crated with:
var MyInterface = Interface();
how do you declare interface methods that classes implementing the interface should implement?

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Staff May 23, 2017

Thanks for your positive feedback.
First of all zebra is becoming zebkit. I suggest to stick to the next generation of zebra – zebkit that recently has “landed” in repo ( Very soon  the GITHUB repo will be renamed to “zebkit”. Originally zebra easy OOP has’t had a possibility to declare methods in interfaces, but zebkit does it ! You can find more information about zebkit easy OOP following the link (temporary place for new website) below: 

  1. I'll be happy to use the latest and greatest, but there seem not to be a full zebra.js or zebra_min.js. Would it be possible to have one uploaded? the link results in this message for me:[an error occurred while processing this directive]
  2. admin Staff May 23, 2017

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