how do a make a scrollbar wider and the bundle inside bigger, it’s very hard to use on touch device?

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Staff February 5, 2016

You can increase preferred size of VBundle (the component that is rendered as scroller bundle). To do it find the component in zebra.json (by name VBundle) and edit its preferred size. Something like the following:

 "Scroll" : {
"VBundle": {
"preferredSize" : [16, -1],
"background" : { "$zebkit.ui.BunldeView": [] }

The horizontal size of vertical scroll bar component will be 16px instead of 8px. 

  1. this helps some, scrolling on touch devices is still pretty wonky though, i think the real problem is my scrollpan is a list of buttons, and the buttons are grabbing focus on the swipe up/down action rather than scrolling.. anyway to make the buttons not get focus until they are actually 'pressed'

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