If I’m using a mobile browser when I’m on a zebra canvas within my page (or even the zebra homepage for example) if I try to “swipe scroll” up or down the page when my finger is focused on a zebra canvas, it seems to be grabbing the event and not letting the scroll happen.
I can understand this for maybe some elements if they are draggable, but the majority of panels and canvas seems like it should allow the mobile browser to get this event.  the problem for me I’m having right now is on a small mobile, like iPhone4, in a multi-canvas HTML page, if someone scrolls into a canvas that is bigger than the viewport they will be permanently stuck in it.

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Staff July 22, 2015

Initially zebra on mobile has been designed as single page application that has to occupy all possible visible area. The content of zebra application can be scrolled with zebra scrolling possibilities. The code that preserves native scrolling is most likely just one line in “touchmove” event handle of  TouchHandle class. Find “e.preventDefault();” line that does the work. You can try to comment it, but I suppose it will have side effect to zebra touch event handling.     

  1. this really seems to have had no effect at all.

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