Hi Zebra,
Apparently on a standard html button, you can trigger the button even if your mousePressed postion and mouseReleased position are different.
It will be triggered as long as you are still in the button area.
But in zebra, if I press a button and move around in the button and release, button will not be triggered.
Do you know how I can get it to work like standard button.

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Staff August 30, 2015

It should work. Find the code below to catch mouse pressed/released events fired by button component below: 

var b = new Button("Test", [
function mousePressed(e) {

function mouseReleased(e) {

  1. Hi~Thanks for the reply.You are right about the buttons.But how about the editors in the grid?If I wanna trigger a textfield in a grid, I have to click on the same position.Is there a way to make it like a standard textfield even if it's in the grid?Thanks,Lion

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