It appears the canvas.fullscreen() method has been replaced by setFullSize(b), where b is a boolean value. With the original method I had:
window.addEventListener(‘load’, canvas.fullscreen(), false);
window.addEventListener(‘resize’, canvas.fullscreen(), false);
which had the effect of setting the canvas to the size of the browser, and maintain it so when resizing the browser.
With the new method, I tried:
window.addEventListener(‘load’, function(){canvas.setSizeFull(true)}, false);
window.addEventListener(‘resize’, function(){canvas.setSizeFull(true)}, false);
but after the first resize upon loading the resizing doesn’t follow the browser resizing. Looking at the implementation, it appears this would require calling setSizeFull(false)/setSizeFull(true), as it checks if the state is already set to full and doesn’t resize in such case. However, the boolean argument is also ignored, so I don’t think this can work. IMHO this should be changed in one of the following two ways:
1) keep boolean argument, but when set to true  start tracking resizing of browser window and resize canvas accordingly. stop tracking when set to false
2) remove boolean argument and remove check on whether the function has already been called. 

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Staff May 24, 2017

The problem has been fixed. Pay attention you should call  “setSizeFull(true);” method only once and you should not register any window (“load” or/and “resize”) listeners ! Zebkit tracks itself when a browser window resized and adjust zebkit canvases accordingly with a smooth effect (throttle unnecessary resizing actions).  

  1. thanks for a prompt fix! a few questions:1) Is a new zebkit.js and zebkit.min.js available? 2) in general, when you fix a problem, are those automatically available somewhere? 3) In the future do you prefer feedback here or a bug filed?
Staff May 24, 2017

1) Yes, they are on Github and in
2) First of all a fix appears on GitHub, then I manually upload it on You can also pull latest updates from github and run “gulp” in command line from the your local zebkit Github directory to regenerate the stuff.
3) It is better to report bugs on Github. Github has much better visual editor and code highlighter. I don’t like the forum WordPress plugin and think about an alternative.

  1. thank you. last question. are you interested in possible additions/patches/contributions?
  2. admin Staff May 24, 2017
    Why not ? :)

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